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by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-06

open switch has the characteristics of software and hardware separation, can simplify the operation and management, to build scalable, programmable and flexible network. Appeared to restore the network environment, subversion and broke the traditional switch hardware and software bundling phenomenon. So get a lot of attention in the field of data center. However, open switch is suitable for the enterprise network?

what is the open switch

open switches is completely open source, it is based on open network of open standards ( Such as OpenFlow protocol) And bare-metal hardware, flexible choice network operating system ( NOS) 。 Therefore, choose open switch when set up the network, the hardware and software may come from different suppliers. At present there are three main types: open switches

1) bare-metal switches. No any advance network operating system ( NOS) The pure hardware devices.

(2) white box switches. Provide switch hardware and ONIE ( Open network installation environment) , users can choose the most appropriate switch chip with the network operating system, as a result, IT no need to understand how companies at the bottom of the network knowledge, can manage the switch good hardware and software.

(3) brand white-box switches. From well-known brands ( For example, cisco, juniper, etc. ) Provide hardware, and focus on network operating system software (provided by the company 如,积云网络,大开关网络等) 。

open programmable network switches and easy to deploy, by simplifying the rapid transformation of high capacity network structure for network, can quickly adapt to the changing needs and achieve maximum economic benefits at the lowest cost.

open switches for scenario

in the past few years, data centers are widely adopted open switches, network construction has realized the great leap forward. Open switch early adopters are some Internet giants, including Google, amazon, Facebook, etc. These very large scale data center operators from open switches significant advantages, such as: improving the automation, network capacity and the improvement of the service; Can better control the development of network software, reduce the cost of network equipment and operating costs. This can prove that, open network hardware/software, is the most critical factor support network extension.

in recent years, the switch has been more open to infiltrate large enterprise data center, has more examples to prove the open switches have a huge advantage, such as:

open ridge/leaf switches are private/public cloud data center deployment;

open web are satisfy telecommunications service providers to new center architecture management and services;

at the same time, the environment is much more diverse traditional enterprises are also found in the power distribution facilities, PoE network and campus network by using open network solution scheme more helpful than ever before.

open switch network for the enterprise to bring the advantages of

open switch technology continuously improved over the last few years, now for the deployment of large enterprises to provide reliable and customizable network environment. Open the switch in the enterprise competitive advantage has a lot of, including:

open exchange without software product update plan is subject to the traditional switch manufacturers, allow real-time software updates;

IT can meet the needs of customers, for the IT manager to provide creative freedom and rights at the same time, also can rapid listed ( Open the switch can be in two weeks or more in a short period of time delivery) ;

in network management, strategic integration open switches, can make the process more flexible, efficient and controllable.

below, you can from the following three aspects to more specific feelings open switches for the benefits of enterprises.

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