MTP tail fiber application scenario for the trunk cable

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-10

there are two main types of MTP tail fiber backbone cable application scenario. The first scenario is shown in figure 1 and 2, when the cable routing need through smaller pipes, and small size of pipe MTP joint security was not allowed to pass. The second scenario is shown in figure 3, when deployed early termination cable, uncertain cable deployment of specific length and path, or a branch.

MTP tail fiber backbone and MTP tail fiber welding ( SOC)

high end connection some MTP tail fiber backbone, such scenarios require terminal in the same cabinet or the same area.

MTP tail fiber trunk welding dogan MTP tail fiber

when high some cable need to connect to multiple distribution area, can use a single high more than some main tail fiber cable welding low some main tail fiber. As shown in figure 5, for example, the application scenario is a data center connect several different distribution area in the park. Some high fiber can improve the path of building space utilization.

high some ribbon cable solutions

some applications and deployment scenarios may require high some cable. When deploying 1728 fiber cable, for example, will be facing the challenge of routing pipeline. At this point, the more suitable for high some ribbon cable connection scheme. Termination package includes:

the & # 8226; Welding to the preassigned control box

the & # 8226; Welding to melt fibre box

each scheme based on different application environment and scenario, design requirements and installation requirements. Evaluation of these solutions need to consider factors include:

the & # 8226; The speed of deployment

the & # 8226; Product quality performance

the & # 8226; Migration of bandwidth requirements

of course, due to the data center various scenarios and requirements of fiber optic cabling and deployment scheme has been diversified. , analyzing the specific problems also need to consult communication if there is demand of sales staff members.

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