MB light module

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-28

the concept of the MB optical module

MB SFP optical module is based on the SFP multi-source agreement ( MSA) Small pluggable ( SFP) Transceiver module, able to work together with optical fiber, provide complete bidirectional data link connection for data communication, data information of high-speed, transparent forwarding. It is a connecting wire network support base - 100 T SFP optical Ethernet standard module, mainly used in FAST Ethernet, FAST Ethernet, and IEEE 802. 3 z, and 802. Specified 3 ab correlates of Ethernet and base - 100 T Ethernet standards compliant.

correlates the principle of optical module

MB optical module by optoelectronic devices and function circuit and the interface of several parts, such as optoelectronic devices consists of two parts, the transmission and receiving.

launch part is: input a certain rate of electrical signals by internal driver chip to drive the semiconductor laser ( LD) Or light-emitting diode ( 领导) Launch the corresponding rate of optical signal modulation, the internal with light power automatic control circuit, the output of the optical signal power remained stable.

the receiving part is: a certain rate of light signal input module by light detection diode can be converted into electrical signals. After the preamplifier output rate of the corresponding electric signal, the output signal is commonly PECL level. At the same time in the input optical power is less than a certain value will output a warning signal.

correlates the characteristics of the optical module

1, double/single LC optical interface

2, hot-swappable, conform to the SFP MSA and SFF - 8472 requirements

3, 1310 or 1310 nm FP LD launch DFB LD launch or 1550 DFB LD

4, PIN PD receiving or APD PD

5, + 3. 3 v single power supply

6, metal packaging, good EMI and EMC performance

7, work rate, OC - 3 / STM - 1,OC- 12个/ STM - 4,OC- 24 /千兆以太网,OC48 / STM - 16

8, reliability, meet the Bell core 468

9, ISO9001 quality system

10, transmission distance, 2 km, 15 km, 40 km, 80 km, 100 km, 120 km

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