Introduction to the dense wavelength division multiplexer

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-15

dense wavelength division multiplexer is dense wavelength division multiplexing ( DWDM) System is an important passive optical fiber devices, different wavelengths of light to reuse the signals to a single fiber ( Reuse) , or reuse multiple channel according to the wavelength of light in a single fiber (separately Solutions for reuse) 。

composed of dense wavelength division multiplex wave and partial wave part is one of the basic components of system, it directly determines the capacity of the system, multiplexing wavelength stability, and the size of the insertion loss of performance parameters, such as good or bad. DWDM device can also be derived for the most important function of a variety of other suitable for DWDM devices, such as wavelength router - — Used for broadband services and wavelength location of point-to-point service all optical communication network; The road/breaker under - — Is used to specify the wavelength up/down the road; Comb filter - — In multiple wavelength light source of produce and spectral measurement; Wavelength selective switch - — Different wavelength signal routing, etc. , so for DWDM device research and production has important theory significance and the good market prospect.

DWDM device is the core of narrow-band light filtering technology.

at present basically has the following kinds: common optical communication with filter medium membrane filter, fiber Bragg grating and array waveguide grating, the M - Z interferometer and F - P etalon, etc.

dense wavelength division multiplexer function

DWDM device is the use of the bandwidth of the single-mode fiber and low loss characteristics, using multiple wavelength as the carrier, allowing the carrier channel in optical fiber transmission at the same time.

break DWDM device for analysis:

intensive, refers to the wavelength channel wavelength interval isolation ratio between 0. 8 - 1. 2 nm is dense, between 10 - Between 20 nm is thick, so dense wavelength division multiplexer and coarse wavelength division multiplexer.

wavelength division, as the wavelength can be analyzed by carrier, which is input by different wavelengths DWDM device after the passive components, different wavelengths of light output as a carrier.

reuse, is refers to the wavelength through the dense wavelength division multiplexer after the passive components, various light can be on the same root single-mode optical fiber transmission, make full to repeated use of the single mode fiber.

by putting the word above the decoupling analysis, the function of the dense wavelength division multiplexer can simple separation can be summed up so as to realize the wavelength ( Partial wave) And merging wavelength ( Wave) The role of.

dense wavelength division multiplex advantage

DWDM is a kind of to the bandwidth of the fiber optic backbone of the Internet in the existing laser technology, more specifically, the technology is in a specified fiber, multiplexing closely spectrum of a single optical carrier spacing, with a optical fiber transmission in order to achieve the purpose of the multipath signals. So, under the given information transmission capacity, can reduce the total number of the optical fiber you need. DWDM DWDM device can provide a large capacity, diversification of broadband service, can make the network operators will be under the effective cost transmission bandwidth up to 16, 32, 64 or even 128 times. The DWDM multiplexer reuse/solution can provide 16/20 or 32/40 of single fiber transmission capacity, maximum wave to 160, with flexible extension ability.

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