Introduction to the compact light module

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-04

what is a compact optical module

compact optical module is SFP encapsulated hot drawing small package module, its main function is to send the electrical signals into light signal transmission, the receiver receive information after the optical signals to electrical signals. Compact optical module mainly by laser ( Including launchers TOSA to receiver ROSA) And circuit board IC and external accessories, external fittings are shell, base, PCBA, TAB, card buckle, unlock pieces, rubber plug.

what are the types of compact optical module

1) compact optical module according to the rate of classification are: 155 m/m / 1 622. 25克/ 2。 125G/4. 25 g / 8 g / 10 g, of which 155 m and 1. With the more 25 g market.

(2) according to the classification of wavelength are: 850 nm / 1310 nm / 1550 nm / 1490 nm / 1530 nm / 1610 nm, the wavelength of 850 nm for mould, transmission distance under 2 km, is 1310/1550 nm wavelength for single mode, transmission distance above 2 km.

(3) according to the distance classification are: short distance, the distance, long distance.

(4) according to the transmission pattern classification are: electric, single-mode and multimode.

5. Special type compact optical modules include: BIDI - SFP, electricity mouth SFP, CWDM SFP, DWDM SFP, SFP + light module, etc.

the structure and principle of compact optical module

compact optical module according to the classification of hardware is mainly composed of TOSA components, ROSA components and PCBA board of three parts, the following is the structure and principle of optical module.

1, launch the component TOSA, light emitting component is a major part of the light emitting module, the light source of laser diode is the core, LD chip and monitor photodiode ( 医学博士) Combined with other elements encapsulated in the TO constitute the light emitting component in coaxial TOSA.

2, receiving components, ROSA, the function of the receiving component is put after transmission of weak optical signals into electrical signals, and amplification, plastic restore to the original input signal. The photoelectric detector and front ( Cross resistance) Amplifier with other components encapsulation in a compact structure, make up the receiving component, ROSA, commonly used have PIN - ROSA TIA and APD TIA。

3, PCBA board, PCBA is composed of light emission circuit and receiving circuit, main chip driver chips and limiting amplifier, store chip.

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