Introduction of optical fiber network card

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-03

as the growth of the Internet traffic, Internet service providers ( NSP) Puts forward higher on servers and other network equipment performance requirements. Fiber optic adapter' The network adapter or network interface card ( NIC) 】 On the server or connected to the computer and network plays an important role, with the rapid development of network technology, fiber optic adapter type on the market more and more, such as PCI - E、PCI- X, such as USB type. What's the difference between the optical fiber network card? When selecting optical fiber network card need to pay attention to?

what is optical fiber network card? How does it work?

fiber nic adapter or network interface card ( NIC) , mainly to equipment such as computers and servers connected to the data network. Typically, fiber optic adapter on the back of one or more ports, can connect the RJ45 interface network jumper or SFP/SFP + port DAC high-speed cable, AOC active optical fiber cables.

fiber optic network card can be either in the physical layer transmission signal, also can undertake packet in the network layer. Regardless of the optical fiber network in which layer of the OSI seven layer model, it can act as a server/computer and data network 'middleman'. When users request online, fiber optic adapter will get data from the user equipment, and sends them to the Internet server, and then receives the required data from the Internet, for users to get to the Internet.

fiber network transmission speed

speed based on different demand, at present there are 10 MBPS, 100 MBPS, fiber optic adapter 10/100 MBPS adaptive, 1000 MBPS, 10 gbe even faster rate. 10 MBPS, 100 MBPS, 10/100 MBPS adaptive optical fiber network card is suitable for small LAN, home or office daily; 1000 MBPS optical fiber network card is suitable for the gigabit Ethernet, such as small and medium-sized enterprise network; 10 g or higher rate of optical fiber network card is suitable for the network set up large enterprises or data center.

In today's world, have risen to an unexpected level of fibre optic cable transmission speed. It has gained a lot of popularity and has come up with different kinds of variations in its content.
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