Integrated wiring system

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-22
A definition of integrated wiring system:

English name: integrated wiring system, PDS ( The building and building integrated wiring system or)

is within the building or building group through a standard establish the communication link between, including network system, telephone system, monitoring system, power supply system and lighting system, etc.

we often say that the network cabling is also can be said to be the copper wiring system, it is a standard universal information transmission system.

2: six commonly used network integrated wiring system module

A, the workspace subsystem: user terminal equipment and horizontal subsystem information between outlet, to play the role of A bridge

B, horizontal subsystem: within the same floor, connect cables from the floor distribution frame in place in each work area information point socket.

C, main subsystems: the main subsystem provides the structure of the backbone cable routing, is the nerve center of integrated wiring system, realize the main distributing frame and the connection of intermediate distribution frame.

D, management subsystem, management subsystem adopts the commissure and interconnection method, vertical dry line and floors horizontal cabling management subsystem of the cable, connection methods for connecting the other subsystems.

E, equipment between subsystems: equipment mainly between total wiring installation equipment, switches, mainframe computer, access equipment, monitoring equipment, and equipment other than the high voltage equipment and into the line.

F, complex main subsystems: it is made of blocks distribution frame ( CD) Building distribution frame and other buildings ( 动漫) Form a unified whole, can exchange within buildings, transport information, and the discrepancy of telecommunication public network to form the only port.

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