Enterprise in the router selection matters needing attention

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-01

choose enterprise-class router cable or wireless router? Gigabit wired router are enterprise router. On the performance and function is more used for home wireless device with a higher demand. This enterprise router has more about Intranet access network equipment management function, encryption and branch offices of confidential data to ensure data security, Internet behavior management to regulate the use and efficient network firewall, support Web authentication, access authentication and other more practical function.

used at home and a wireless router, on the function and performance is much to be relatively simple, users, nature is much cheaper in price.

choose enterprise-class gigabit router correlates or router? Correlates enterprise routers, judgment of enterprise gigabit router, the router network limited is a MB or gigabit.

if all cable enterprise router interface is a rate, then it is a MB of the router. On the contrary, if the enterprise is gigabit router all cable interface, then it is a gigabit router. Emphasize this point, because some cable enterprise router interface is MB, wireless transmission is gigabit, correlates the router is still essentially routers, but there are some businesses, will claim is gigabit router, fool some businesses don't understand.

enterprise gigabit router is suitable for users with special network requirements and work units, such as Internet cafes, Internet traffic monitoring unit requirements, etc. At the same time, under the P2P application, often need to download or upload large files, such as hd video, game, also need to gigabit router provide more before data transmission capacity.

second, with the growing proliferation of network attack, gigabit router efficient competence can leave more space to deal with network attacks of data information, to share the burden of network defense, that hundreds of megabytes router will not be able to do it.

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