Correlates the important parameters of an optical module

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-21

a, center wavelength: unit nanometers ( nm) , at present there are mainly three kinds:

850 nm ( MM, multimode, the cost is low but the transmission distance is short, generally only transmit 500 m) ;

1310海里( SM, single mode, in the process of transmission loss but dispersion small, generally used for the transmission of 40 km) ;

1550海里( SM, single mode, but the dispersion transmission loss in the process of small to big, over 40 km is generally used in long distance transmission, the farthest WuZhongJi directly transmit 120 km) ;

2, transmission distance: refers to the optical signal without relay amplifier can direct transmission distance, unit km ( Also known as km, km)

light module in general have the following specifications: 550 m multimode, single-mode 15 km, 40 km, 80 km and 120 km, etc.

category: three, laser laser is the most core components, optical module in the current into a semiconductor material, through the cavity injection laser photons oscillation and gain.

within 40 km transmission distance of optical module typically use FP laser

light transmission distance of 40 km or more modules in general use DFB laser

4, loss and dispersion: is light in the optical fiber transmission loss, caused by the scattering and absorption of the medium leaking light energy loss, and this part of the energy with the increase of transmission distance at a certain ratio of dissipation.

press 0 1310 nm light module. 35 DBM/km link loss calculation

press 0 1550 nm light module. 20 DBM/km link loss calculation

dispersion value calculation is very complicated, generally only reference

5, optical fiber interface:

MB SFP optical module is LC interface

6, the service life of the light module:

international unified standard, 7 Х working 50000 hours (24 hours a day Equivalent to 5 years)

the application of MB optical module

MB SFP optical module is widely applied, support many types of SFP interface equipment, including Ethernet, switches, routers and other network devices. MB SFP optical module supports 100 MBPS data transmission rate and length of 100 m of the link, realize the miniaturization of network interface card ( NIC) And uplink. Therefore, it is very suitable for application in the high density of LAN BASE - 100 T fiber channel, MB and Ethernet LAN switches, used to connect to the switch interface, switch to switch the SerDes interface, switch SGMII interface, switch back, the game equipment, router/server interface, and other optical transmission system.

MB optical module failure cause

module light mouth exposed to the environment, light mouth have dust and pollution; Use of optical fiber connector end face has pollution, light module light mouth secondary pollution; Pigtailed optical connector end use undeserved, end surface scratches, etc. ; Use inferior optical fiber connector.

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