Computer room equipment maintenance techniques

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-04

a lot of our cooperative enterprise customers often find some room construction team built equipment room, ignored the computer room equipment maintenance issues, also exposed a series of computer problems, obvious daily computer maintenance method is particularly important. Security room equipment normal operation, environment support system of computer room, monitoring equipment, the mainframe computer equipment regular inspection, maintenance and maintenance, ensure the stable operation room equipment, through the maintenance of extended equipment life cycle, reduce the failure rate. To ensure that the room after the sudden accident and quickly solve fault, to ensure normal operation room construction.

so what are the specific computer maintenance method?

1, room dust removal and environment requirement: on a regular basis to dust removal equipment processing, cleaning, adjust the security camera resolution. Also check the room ventilation, heat dissipation, net dust, power supply, air defense facilities such as electrostatic floor.

2, computer room air conditioning and air maintenance: check whether the air conditioning runs normally, in ventilation equipment operation is normal. From endoscopic observation of refrigerant liquid level, look to whether the lack of refrigerant. Check the air conditioning compressor high and low voltage protection switch, filter drier and other accessories.

3, UPS and battery maintenance: according to the actual situation of the battery check capacity test; For battery charge and discharge maintenance and adjust the charging current, ensure the normal work of the battery pack; Check the record, harmonic content of output waveform, zero voltage; Find out all parameters are configured properly; UPS function test on a regular basis.

4, fire fighting equipment maintenance: check the fire detector, manual alarm button, fire alarm device appearance and the function of test report to the police; Review of the fire alarm controller, sound and reset function and function of main/standby power.

5, circuit and lighting circuit maintenance: ballast, tube timely replacement, switch replacement; Thrum oxidation treatment, tag search replacement; Power supply line insulation inspection, to prevent accidental short circuit.

6, basic computer maintenance: electrostatic floor cleaning cleaning, ground dust; Aperture adjustment, replace damaged; Grounding resistance test; The main ground derusting, joint fastening; Lightning protection device examination; Grounding line contact anti-oxidation reinforcement.

as a data center machine room, not only consider the construction of hardware and software, computer room construction should also be considered after various maintenance methods, focus on a variety of advantages, to provide customers with the most service quality and the international first-class level IDC comprehensive service, the success of the E era provides a solid foundation for the enterprise.

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