A common disorder phenomenon and reason of the wires

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-13

1, line all interrupts: R - plate LOS alarm, may cause fiber optic cable, downed got the affected by external force is cut or broken, etc. ;

2, individual quality system communication: appear error alarm, line possible reasons have cable in the process of installation and connection, to cause the damage of the fiber to make the line loss in hours; Activity connector did not reach the designated position, or slight pollution, or other causes adaptation and downs; Optical fiber performance degradation, its dispersion and loss characteristics affected by environmental factors to fluctuate; Optical fiber by lateral stress, the whole attenuation increases; Aging damage optical cable; Cable connector box into the water; Optical fiber in some special point pressure ( As for disc pressure fiber) And so on.

after determining circuitry obstacles in circuit using OTDR test, to determine the nature and the location of obstacles, when it comes to natural disasters or external force such as the construction effects of optical cable line block, check repair according to the testing personnel to provide position, is generally easy to find, but if not, is not easily from routing anomaly find obstacles on the site. At this moment, must be based on OTDR the obstacles to test the distance measure, check with the original test data, find out the barriers in which section, through necessary after conversion, accurate measurement of ground distance, until you find the barriers of location. But often that didn't work out so well and barrier point and measure the position of the calculated difference is very big, such a waste of resources, and due to the effects of optical cable circuit obstacle or loss will be bigger.

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