A brief introduction optical fiber integrated wiring

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-14

a, fiber optic cable integrated wiring introduction

fiber integrated wiring is used for the transmission of the information such as language, data standard structured cabling, can be used for buildings or buildings for network transmission, such as optical fiber to the building ( FTTB) , optical fiber to the home ( FTTH技术) Arrive, optical fiber and optical fiber to the office desktop.

2, fiber optic cable construction of integrated wiring tool

1. Optical fiber stripping pliers;

2。 Optical fiber scissors;

3。 Fiber connection;

4。 Optical fiber welding machine;

5。 Optical fiber cutting tools;

6。 Optical fiber connector line pressing.

three cables, integrated wiring, — Cable type

1. According to different cable structure can be divided into the central tube type, gysts fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable skeleton type optical fiber cable and the ribbon cable.

( 1) Center tube optical cable is made up of many root to strengthen the core cover the tube, only have a piece of tube, can be used in the pipe or directly buried cable;

( 2) Gysts cable by tube encase strengthen core, can be used for aerial optical cable;

( 3) Ribbon cable is composed by many optical fibers, optical fiber type multiple mode optical fiber, can be used in the campus network, enterprise network, etc. ;

( 4) Skeleton type cable refers to strengthen core inside the cable encase the tube like a skeleton, can be used in the directly buried.

2。 According to the different methods of installation can be divided into aerial optical cable, optical cable directly buried cable, pipeline and water cable.

3。 According to different types of optical fiber can be divided into single mode optical fiber cable and multimode optical fiber cable.

4 cables, integrated wiring, — Cable select

cable in addition to consider when selecting some fiber optic cable and optical cable types, based on the use of fiber optic cable environment to select the appropriate cable. Specific selection is as follows:

1. When the cable integrated wiring buried outdoors, should choose central tube type optical fiber cable, skeleton type cable or armored cable.

2。 When the cable integrated wiring at high altitude, should choose gysts optical cable.

3。 When optical fiber integrated wiring in buildings in exposed environment, should choose to contain flame retardant, non-toxic, smokeless type cable, if cable integrated wiring in the pipeline, please choose the flame retardant cable.

4。 When the level of cable wiring, can choose branch cable; When vertical cable wiring, choose gysts optical cable.

5。 When optical fiber integrated wiring for more than 2 km to transmission distance requirement, need to choose single mode optical fiber cable; When the transmission distance is less than 2 km, can choose multimode fiber.

5, fiber optic cable, integrated wiring note

1. When optical fiber integrated wiring must make sure the end of the cable is don't sort is correct;

2。 Is required for a cable integrated wiring to ensure that no cable bending more than the minimum radius of curvature;

3。 Cable integrated wiring cable tension, when the lateral pressure and torque must follow standard ( E. ) , such as optical fiber integrated wiring of the cable at the traction shall not exceed 80% of the cable tension and cable instantaneous traction shall not be greater than the cable tension;

4。 Avoid cable integrated wiring cable for factors such as the impact of the outside and heavy rolling, lead to fiber optic cable deformation and damage performance.

5。 At the time of loading and unloading of cable tray are strictly prohibited to push the cable tray directly fall place.

6。 In order to avoid cable when welding cable rupture or welding error, when welding to be used by professional and technical personnel professional equipment, and ensure that the center of the optical fiber interface should be completely aligned on both ends ( Because of the optical fiber allows minimal deviation) 。

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