A brief introduction of fixed and adjustable optical attenuator

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-05

the effect of optical fiber attenuator believe many people will understand better communication, it is used to cut the power of optical signal to a range of equipment. Most people may think that the greater the power of light signals, the better, and we also often use optical amplifier to add optical signal power, then fixed optical attenuator liaison with adjustable optical attenuator is a lot of people wonder, why use fiber optic attenuator to reduce the power of the light signal? It needs detailed understanding of the fixed optical attenuator liaison with adjustable optical attenuator.

fixed optical attenuator

fixed optical attenuator attenuation power fixed ( Such as 1 dB, 5 dB, 10 dB, etc. ) , such as a - 3 dB power attenuation of the optical attenuator is 3 dB. This kind of optical fiber attenuator common used in telecom network, optical fiber test equipment, local area network ( LAN) And cable television ( CATV) System.

fixed optical attenuator and can be divided into online and adapter. On-line optical attenuator shape similar to the shape of ordinary fiber optic jumper, is also a cable termination with both ends of the different types of light adapter.

adjustable optical attenuator

the attenuation power adjustable optical attenuator is not intact, but changes with the change of conditions, the change of span is 0. 5 dB, 20 dB, 50 dB, etc. , some even reached 0. 1 the dB and 0. The accuracy of 01 dB. Adjustable optical attenuator common used in optical fiber precise inspection and measurement, also with the commonly used in lieu of erbium doped fiber amplifier, its purpose is to balance the light of the different channel and signal power.

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