5 kinds of cable identification method

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-19

super 5 kinds of cable identification method

super 5 kinds of cable identification method have?

1, the on line identification recognition

super 5 kinds of on-line identification are printed on the plastic wrapping 'CAT5E,' real line 5 classes online printing character is very clear and smooth. Fake print quality is poorer, more for the font is not clear, or zigzag.

2, from the material recognition

in order to adapt to different network environment requirements, exceed 5 class line texture is soft, generally use copper do filling, because some of the network environment need to small Angle of bend of cables, if use other hard material is easy to cause break line. And some businessmen in order to reduce costs, will add other metal elements in copper, leading to make lead hard, easy to break.

3, from the color recognition

super line 5 classes for the convenience of users in making crystal head difference line right, usually the inside of the 4 white in the conductor that is not pure white, but with a pair of the conductor with it grey color. Can remove a network cable to the plastic outside skin, revealing the 4 to the conductor, which can identify fake goods is usually pure white or color is not obvious.

4, from the transmission speed recognition

with a twisted pair to connect two 100 MBPS equipment ( Network card to the card or card to the HUB) , the communication with Windows 95/98 own monitor detection tools for monitoring the data transfer rate. In general, show that the peak value of the more than 4 m/s, is basic to be sure, there are five types of cables just three of four types of network cable to pretend to be fakes can achieve peak value is about 2. 5M/s。

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