5 g network is expected to achieve commercial in 2020

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-02

in order to further expand and upgrade information, sustained release development vigor and the potential for domestic consumption. By 2020, the scale of information consumption is expected to reach 6 trillion yuan, the average annual growth of more than 11%; Will markedly enhance its leading role in the field of information technology in the consumer, information product boundary depth development, information service ability improved significantly, pull output reached 15 trillion yuan, area information consumption benefit the people. Class will be divided into four key: life information consumption, public service information consumption, information consumption, new information products.

in order to further expand and upgrade information, sustained release development vigor and the potential for domestic consumption. Will expand the coverage of information consumption, through to enhance investment in information infrastructure construction, to further expand optical fiber broadband and the fourth generation mobile communication ( 4 g) Network coverage of the depth and breadth, promote the interconnection between networks. Actively participate in the 'area' all the way along the important country, node construction of urban network. To speed up the fifth generation mobile communication ( 5 g) Standard research, technology and industry promotion, strive to commercial were launched in 2020. Accelerate the iot infrastructure deployment. As a whole the development of the Internet industry, Internet industry to promote the pilot demonstration in industry. To promote the implementation of cloud computing project, and guide all kinds of enterprises to actively expand the application of cloud services. Study actively promote data center and content delivery network layout optimization.

enhance rural information access ability. Deepen the telecommunications universal service pilot, power network crucial for poverty alleviation, and rural informationization work, organize the implementation of 'MB rural demonstration project', guide the social capital, increasing investment dynamics, key support for central and western provinces, poor areas, old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas in rural and remote areas such as broadband, optical fiber by 2020 98% of administrative villages. Full implementation of information into the village household project, carry out the whole province to promote demonstration, strive to village information service station coverage reached 80% by 2020.

5 g network more advanced, makes people more convenient and quick way of life.

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