Working principle of the optical fiber is what

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-07

if compare the Internet to the information superhighway, fiber optic cable is just like is the foundation of the highway, so the large capacity of information is how high-speed long-distance transmission cable?

first put in a transfer of information ( Such as voice) Into electrical signals, then the transmission to the laser beam, by laser light intensity will change with the frequency of the signal, and through the optical fiber to launch out, at the receiving end, the detector is optical signals and turn it into electrical signals, after processing to restore the original information.

internal made from glass fiber optical fiber, optical fiber can transmit the optical signal to thousands of kilometers away, the hundreds of thousands of root optical fiber together, made like cable, optical cable, it can not only improve the strength of optical fiber, and greatly increase the communication capacity.

the transmission speed of light in different material is different, so from a substance into another substance, the refraction and reflection will happen at the junction of two substances, and the Angle of refraction of light will changes over the Angle of the incident light, when the Angle of the incident light at or above a certain Angle, refracted light will disappear, all incident light is reflected back, this is the total reflection of light.

light signal is within the optical fiber after repeated transmission to the finish line, the refraction of light signals in time and time again will distract or attenuation after refraction, you need the light signal once every 50 kilometers amplification.

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