Why Use a Multimode Fiber Optic Cable?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-04-05
Fiber optic cables are technically equipped to transmit data extremely fast. These cables are endowed with high bandwidth, minimum attenuation, speed of transfer of data literally as fast as light, unmatched immunity from external electromagnetic signals and an impeccable accuracy in the transferred data. Using multimode cables makes it possible for the transmitter to send across multiple signals at the same time, making the overall transmission process even more attractive. In fact, with a multimode fiber, your optical network becomes faster by a whole notch. The network becomes capable of handling more than one signal at any given point of time. So in a network that involves multiple communications happening at a given time, a multimode fiber optic cable can become an asset. What are some of the examples of networks that would benefit using such cables? A local area network involving multiple computers is an example of a case where using these cables makes sense. The local area network would have a number of users logged into the computers connected by these cables at the same time, and the users would transfer data simultaneously over these cables. Another excellent example of using these networks is the telecommunication scenario which involves multiple users by default. Again, all the users can hope to get their data and voice transmitted over the network in real time using these multimode cables. An ATM network is yet another example of a situation where having a multimode cable would help. What are characteristics of these cables? The multiple mode of transmission is an important aspect. As described earlier, the cable can transfer different data sets simultaneously using different internal propagation channel paths. It is also important to note that multimode optical cables work the best when it comes to transfer high amounts of data in a short period of time. These cables are physically wider and that helps in supporting the multiple communication channels at the same time. The transmission benefits are observed best within a shorter cable length, up to around a maximum of 500 meters or thereabouts. To transfer data to a higher distance, single mode cables are preferred over the multimode ones. A single mode cable is not capable of aptly sending multiple channels of data like a multi-mode one. So for a local transmission of high volume burst data, multimode fiber is the right choice of optical cable to make. It is also interesting to note that the multimode fibers can carry and retain high power signals much better compared to the single mode carriage channels. This makes them even more attractive when it comes to data exchange with no amplification system being involved in the process. Thus, a multimode fiber optic cable has its own set of characteristics, uses and great benefits for those who need to run compatible applications.
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