Why the problem of difficult to break through the maintenance of optical fiber cable?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-09

with the expansion of the fiber optic network scale, also produces the fiber optical cable automatic monitoring system, optical fiber cable automatic monitoring system is a system that incorporates a number of technology comprehensive, the main is to be able to for optical fiber transmission network for the corresponding remote distributed real-time monitoring, and will be concentrated in time the status of the optical cable circuit information collection, processing, storage and analysis, the system can timely find security hidden danger existing in fiber optic cable, for fault can automatically locate, troubleshooting, in a timely manner to ensure the safety and reliability of the optical cable network, make the electric power communication function of the corresponding to the normal running.

along with our country economy's unceasing development, the rapid development of industrialization, the demand for electricity increases continually, the construction of new substations and power lines are also constantly increased, the consequent is fiber-optic access speed increases the fiber network resources more huge, the corresponding cable maintenance task is that much more onerous. In the process of maintenance of communication networks, fiber optic cable fault is a very important problem, cable is relatively weak, it is easy to damage from outside force, the failure phenomenon, this is not conducive to the normal operation of the communication function.

at present, our country's most areas still adopts the traditional method of optical cable maintenance and management, failure in optical fiber communication system, its operation and management personnel in the transmission room first, judge the fault happened in part of the equipment or in a part of the line. If judgment for circuit parts will notify the corresponding circuit for optical cable fault maintenance department to check. Its check repair personnel to bring related optical cable line of the original data to the corresponding communication site, testers using OTDR test the distance of fault point, and the results of the tests and the corresponding technical data check, and then determine the corresponding point of failure, maintenance for cable fault. As rising number of cable and cable early aging phenomenon aggravating, the number of cable failure also increases constantly, the traditional optical fiber cable line management pattern already can't keep up with the pace of The Times development, the cable on the troubleshooting is more complex, the obstacles of time is longer, this will affect the normal work of the communication network.

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