When to use OM3 fiber optic jumper?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-01

OM3 fiber is designed with VCSEL working fiber, conform to ISO/iec11801and - OM - 2 nd Three optical fiber specification, meet the needs of Wan Zhao Ethernet applications. OM3 fiber has a variety of types, including indoor type, indoor/outdoor versatility, etc. , the some of the fiber core from 4 to 48 core. In addition to support all of the application of the 50/125 multimode optical fiber based on old, including support for the LED light and laser light.

using the transmission distance with OM3 optical fiber transmission system gigabit Ethernet can be extended to 900 meters, this means that when the distance between the floor more than 550 m users do not have to use expensive laser device.

within 2000 meters distance, OC - 12 ( 622Mb/s) Rate of standard 62 can be used within the scope of the situations. Mu m 5/125 multimode optical fiber, besides using single-mode fiber. Appearance changed with OM3 much fiber-optic mode, however, this kind of condition, because the OM3 fiber can improve the transmission distance of gigabit and Wan Zhao system, using 850 - nm wavelength light module with VCSEL, wiring scheme will be the most valuable.

when the link length of more than 1000 meters, single-mode fiber is currently the only option, single-mode optical fiber in the gigabit system can achieve 5 km in 1310 nm wavelength of transmission distance, in Wan Zhao system realize the transmission distance of 10 km.

when the link length less than or equal to 1000 meters, in the system of gigabit OM3 50 mu m multimode optical fiber can be used, and in Wan Zhao single-mode fiber should be adopted in the system.

when the link length is less than 300 meters, can be applied to any gigabit with OM3 much fiber-optic mode and Wan Zhao system.

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