When to use in the integrated wiring OM4 fiber optic jumper?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-13

with the development of science and technology, accelerating speed of city information, more and more high to the requirement of communication technology, OM4 fiber optic jumper with its transmission speed, distance, security and stability, anti-interference, and the advantages of convenient expansion increasingly become people in communications laying of choice.

standforopticalmulti——“OM” Mode, namely the pattern of light, it is said multimode optical fiber optical fiber grade standard. Different level of transmission bandwidth and maximum distance. For a typical links, the cost of the optical module about is very expensive. Although the cost of single-mode fiber is cheaper than multimode optical fiber, but the use of single mode fiber need to be very expensive 1300 nm light module, the cost is about 850 nm multimode optical module 2 - Three times, taken together, a multimode optical fiber system cost is much lower than that of single mode optical fiber system.

at the time of investment fiber optic cabling, if you can consider to add some wiring of the initial investment, using better multimode optical fiber, such as OM4 fiber optic jumper, can guarantee the full use of the multimode optical fiber technology, reduce the overall cost of the current system. When the system need to upgrade to a higher rate of the system, such as 40 gb and 100 gb, OM4 still can be used and will be more cost savings. In a word, when the transmission rate is greater than 1 gb/s, using multimode optical fiber is a kind of very good system choice. When the system requires higher transmission rate, below is the communication choices OM4 fiber optic jumper wire guiding principle:

a, for Ethernet users

in 10 gb/s transmission system, transmission distance up to 300 m to 600 m. In 40 gb/s and the 100 gb/s system, the transmission distance at 100 m to 125 m.

2, on the campus network user

OM4 fiber optic jumper will support 4 gb/s optical fiber link length of 400 m, length of 200 m, or 8 gb/s fiber optic link 16 gb/s optical fiber link length of 130 m.

in order to meet accidentally OM4 fiber optic jumper more comprehensive application of jia fu factory research and development production of the rich and full range of fiber optic jumper wire and the surrounding supporting products, you can be a station buy neat, saving more time.

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