What's the advantage of optical fiber transmission and twisted pair transmission?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-29

1, wide frequency band, large capacity of communication. Optical fiber available bandwidth is about 5000 GHZ, can easily achieve 1 Gb/s - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 OGb submitting/s network transmission.

2, low dissipation, long distance relay. Compared with the traditional cable, optical fiber with low loss, long transmission distance. Quartz optical fiber in 0. 8点~ 1。 8 PM wavelength range loss less than all the traditional cable transmission loss, especially in the optical fiber loss window * 1. 55 PM. Fiber loss is only 0. 2 db /公里。 Due to optical fiber transmission loss is low, even if it is 1000 MB/s relay transmission distance also can reach tens of kilometers or even hundreds of kilometers, and the traditional cable trunking distance is only 100 m. If in the future use of quartz is extremely low loss optical fiber, the theoretical analysis of loss can be decreased from 10 ~ 9 db/KRN, * relay distance could be thousands or even tens of thousands of km.

3, resistance to electromagnetic interference. Adapt to bad environment. Optical fiber is the insulation material, has a strong ability to resist electromagnetic interference, is not affected by the lightning thousand interference of nature, the change of the ionosphere and the interference of sunspot activity, nor by electrified railway feeder and the interference of high voltage equipment and other industrial electronics, still can use it with high-voltage transmission lines parallel erection, or with electricity conductor composite constitute a composite fiber optic cable, this is the steel cable communication can not reach. At the same time, the optical fiber has high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance performance, and can resist the bad work environment.

4, no crosstalk interference, good secrecy. Light waves in optical fiber transmission, it is difficult to leak out from the optical fiber, even in a corner, the bend radius is very small, the light leakage is also very weak, if on the surface of fiber or cable coated with a layer of flatting agent effect is better, like that. Even if a lot of, total fiber in optical fiber can be realized without crosstalk thousand, outside the cable, also won't like metal medium produce electromagnetic signals, unable to hacking to optical fiber transmission of information, so, the secrecy good, the use of safe.

5, wire diameter, ease of installation. The core diameter of the fiber is very thin, which is about O. LMM, the diameter is small, 8 fiber cable cross section diameter of about 1 Omm. The feature of optical fiber makes the transmission system of the space is little, easy to solve the problems of the crowded underground pipes, underground pipeline construction investment saving. In addition, the optical fiber can be round, soft easy to bundle, easy to form small diameter high density optical cable.

6, rich raw material resources, saving material. Optical fiber materials are mainly quartz ( Silicon dioxide) , there are inexhaustible raw materials on the earth, and the main material of the cable is copper, copper reserves in the world is not much, replacing the cable with optical fiber, can save a lot of metal materials, has the significance of the rational use of the earth's resources.

fiber besides has more prominent advantages, also has the advantages of resistance to radiation, small energy consumption.

all in all, the use of optical fiber cable line instead of the traditional metal transmission line is the inevitable trend. And with the further development of the technology, optical fiber communication system in the direction of large capacity, long distance, QuanGuangHua and subminiature development, occupy the place in the future information society will be more and more important.

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