What is the distinguishing feature of ODF fibre wiring devices

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-09

a, standard cell size

19 inches width, as well as load distribution frame cabinet, can also be used to do hanging installation.

2, sophisticated technology,

structure using thickening galvanized passivation of cold-rolled steel sheet and surface spray coating technology, optical fiber distribution plate with mixed flame retardant materials of plastic material, light and flexible, and sturdy and durable. Large diameter coiled ring design make the tail fiber and jump fiber radius of curvature of every place in more than 40 mm.

can be assembled into separate optical fiber distribution frame, can also with digital distribution unit, audio wiring unit is installed in a cabinet/frame constitute a comprehensive distribution frame. , fixed and protection function, introduced with fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable terminal and tail fiber welding function, adjustable line function and the jump fiber storage, optical fiber core and tail fiber storage and protection, etc.

three, drawer structure

wiring box adopts draw-out type structure, operation can be pulled out, after the completion of the return.

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