What is the difference between single-mode and multimode fiber?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-14

single mode fiber can only transfer is a single mode signal, and multimode optical fiber can transmit multimode signal, and multimode fiber ( 多模光纤= MMF) : just as its name implies is to be able to spread various mode of electromagnetic wave ( Here, of course, is the light) The optical fiber; Because there are multiple transfer mode, so there are a lot of dispersion between mold, can transmit the information capacity of smaller; Multimode optical fiber core is larger, generally 50 um, numerical aperture of 0. 2 or so; Die depends on the number of fiber core diameter and numerical aperture and wavelength.

single-mode fiber ( 单 mode fiber = SMF) : only one mode of signal can be transmitted wave, but must be eligible: seems like textbook says something in the is normalized frequency, fiber core special need to fine a bit, it is best to work 3 or 4 times of the wavelength; For single-mode light from the shape that is much finer than multimode optical fiber; Single-mode fiber as transmission of only one model, so there is no mode dispersion.

multimode optical fiber is used for small capacity, short system, single-mode fiber is used in the trunk, the large capacity, long distance the system of single-mode optical fiber core diameter is 9/125, and multimode is 50/125, or 62. 5/125.

single-mode and multimode is relative to a particular wavelength, the same optical fiber at different wavelengths can be single mode or multimode, multimode without sheet, light source has a single longitudinal mode ~ ( dfb) And a longitudinal mode ( 《外交政策》) , multimode fiber than single-mode clip figure on the fiber diameter, single mode 652 is 62. 5/125 and 50/125 and 62 multimode. 5/125 two kinds, in terms of price, multimode is generally with some single mode 1. 5 ~ 2 times, from the point of practical application, basically used for data access of multimode fiber, multimode is the biggest disadvantage relative to single mode dispersion (between die Due to the same light in different patterns of different rates) 。

in the country's main use is 62. The 5/125 multimode optical fiber, as for the difference between the two as if cabling purposes, after more than 50 for indoor optical fiber cable.

single-mode fiber is only a pattern, the base model multimode can pass a variety of patterns. Single mode is mainly used for long-distance mains, multimode used in local area. Some people say that in front of the single-mode much finer than multimode, actually is wrong, both fiber cladding diameter for 125 just core diameter, single mode for 9 multimode commonly commonly 50 and 62. 5 two kinds. In general, single mode does not directly and multimode phase is through the equipment transformation.

fiber multimode optical fiber and single mode fiber, the difference between multimode fiber and single mode fiber, mainly in the transmission of light in a different way, bandwidth capacity is different also, of course. Multimode fiber diameter is larger, the different wavelength and phase of the beam along the fiber wall keeps flashing forward transmission, dispersion, limit the transmission distance between the two Repeaters and bandwidth, the bandwidth of the multimode fiber is about 2. 5Gbps。 The diameter of the single mode fiber is thin, light travels in a straight line, rarely reflection, therefore, dispersion decreasing bandwidth increases, the transmission distance is longer. But with the light end equipment of form a complete set of price is higher, the bandwidth of the single-mode fiber more than 10 GBPS.

multimode fiber by higher pulse signal extension mode ( Dispersion) The influence is bigger, and single-mode fiber better solve the problem of dispersion between the mould. SMF核心8。 3 - 9. 3 um. Usually for 9 MFD. 3um。

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