What is the difference between optical fiber transmission and wireless transmission and characteristics?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-28

optical fiber transmission and wireless transmission are part of the two forms of communication and transport. The basic form of communication and transport: the basic form of communication and transport: source - The sender - Transmission systems - The receiver - He knows. Communication quality depends on the characteristics of signal and the nature of the transmission media, the key is whether good matching signal spectrum characteristics and channel transmission characteristics.

transmission media from the narrow sense, refers to the system of transfer between the transmitter and the receiver, it was aimed at signal; Broadly speaking, refers to the source and obtaining-information between systems, it is for the information. Our transmission media can be divided into pilot and the pilot two kinds, the difference between the two, respectively is subject to the media itself features and subject to the signal itself. With the guidance as we often say wired communications and wireless communications.

cable communication is divided into twisted pair, coaxial cables, overhead lines, and optical fiber transmission four classes. Optical fiber is a kind of very fine conduction light signal ( 50μm ~ 100μm) Medium and soft. The fiber cross section for a round, from outside to inside is composed of three parts: shell, cladding, fiber core. The optical properties of different: often composed of sio2 is glass fiber core, for the light path; 。 Cladding composed of multilayer reflection glass fiber, the purpose is to reflect the light the fiber core. Modulus from the transfer point, single-mode and multimode optical fiber can be divided into two kinds of transmission mode, single mode provides a single light path; Multimode optical fiber, namely the divergence for multiplexed light waves, each light all the way walk a pathway. Single-mode fiber because attenuation small and with greater capacity, but its production to more expensive than multimode fiber. Optical fiber at any time can only one-way transmission, therefore, to implement the two-way communication, it must come in pairs, one for the input, one for output, optical fiber ends on optical interface.

the four characteristics of optical fiber transmission: 1, large bandwidth, large capacity. 2, low dissipation, long distance relay. 3, good anti-interference. 4, small volume, light quality. Optical fiber transmission has been basically realize the practical application, it not only can satisfy the telephone, data, text, images and other comprehensive business information transmission requirements, but also to adapt to the development of the information society in the future. Compared to other cable transmission mode optical fiber transmission medium is now the most good performance, through frequency division, and in WDM, it will be more and more application in our daily life. Optical fiber transmission loss will not change with frequency and temperature change, so the optical fiber installation does not require strict stability; And one of following distance long performance, it can make its application of undersea optical cable communication and defense long-distance communication, it is of great significance to solve the submarine communication. Optical fiber is insulation materials, can only light and cannot conduct electricity, so the optical fiber is not subject to electromagnetic interference, therefore, it can prevent electromagnetic radiation by eavesdropping, and can prevent the influence of external disturbance signal, this to improve the security and privacy of modern communication has an extremely important role. Due to the optical fiber can be reuse, capacity big, only need a tiny superfine fiber can transfer a large number of signals, and reduces the delivery and installation costs, etc.

wireless transmission including radio communication, infrared communication and microwave communication. Because they are spread along a straight line, all need has a line of sight in terms of send and accept pathway, so also called them sight media. Radio waves can omni-directional, frequency is small; Minimum infrared frequency, often can be used to detect the things related to the temperature; Microwave frequency between the two, it has directional property, the main use is that it can pass through the ionosphere and into the characteristics of space. Now the most widely microwave, mainly divided into two types, namely ground microwave relay communication and satellite communication. Because the microwave is the spread of the straight line in space, and the earth's surface is curved, so its transmission distance is limited in the ground. In order to increase the transmission distance, increase the height of the tower, tower is higher, the farther the transmission distance. The ground microwave communication has the following main features: high frequency, bandwidth, transmission distance, strong anti-jamming capability, high reliability. But is because of the high frequency characteristics, so there can be no obstacle between adjacent sites, and the distortion caused easily affected by the weather. Satellite communication and ground microwave communication principle, its essence is to use located 36000 km altitude of artificial synchronous earth satellite as a relay is a kind of microwave relay communication. Using three appropriate configuration of the satellite, it can be global coverage of all the places in addition to the two levels of tone. Satellite communications is surface covered the biggest advantages is the communication, the launch of the electromagnetic wave radiation to the earth synchronous satellite a third of the area, and therefore easy to realize multiple access and mobile communications, also facilitate communication network. Accordingly, its are widely used in the transmission multiplex long distance telephone, telegraph, television and other business, we are in different areas, also can enjoy to live in other regions. However, it also has its disadvantages, which is the time delay is too big. No matter how far the distance of the two standing on the ground, and reproduced by satellite to the receiver from the transmitter 270 us delay, the relative to other wireless communication is much longer, also because of this, the confidentiality of the satellite communication is poor.

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