What features covered wire cable?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-12

skin line cable for single core and dual core structure, also can be made into four core structure, cross section 8, reinforcement is located in the center of the two round, can use a metal or non-metal structures, optical fiber is located in the geometric center of the 8. Skin line fiber optical fiber used in G. 657 small optical fiber bending radius, can with 20 mm of bending radius, laying for pipeline way inside the building or the door open wire ways.

skin line cable commonly known as indoor hanging wire cable. In the domestic market showing a good momentum of development of optical fiber access, fiber access has become a hotspot in the field of optical communication. In optical fiber access engineering, close to the user's indoor wiring is the most complicated part, conventional indoor cable bending performance, tensile performance cannot meet the FTTH ( Optical fiber to the home) Indoor wiring requirements.

access network with disc into cable ( Indoor wiring use) Is the optical communication unit ( Fiber optic) Placed in the center, on both sides of the two parallel non-metallic reinforcement ( FRP) Or metallic strength member, and in the end, black or color PVC extrusion ( PVC) Or low smoke zero halogen material ( LSZH, low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant) Sheath.

a, product characteristics:

special fiber resistance to bending, provide greater bandwidth, enhance the network transmission performance;

two parallel FRP or metal reinforcement make cable has good compressive properties, optical fiber protection;

cable has simple structure, light weight, strong practicability;

the unique groove design, easy stripping, convenient connection, easy installation and maintenance;

low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyethylene jacket or PVC sheathed, environmental protection.

connector to match with a variety of site, can be the scene into end.

skin line cable as soft, light and other characteristics; Make it in the access network is widely used; Skin line cable scientific name: access network with butterfly introduction of optical cable; Because of its shape is the butterfly shape; So they are called butterfly optical cable optical cable, 8 words.

product structure:

ordinary leather line cable for standard 8 structure; Between two parallel to strengthen the core, as the optical fiber; Messenger skin line cable in the structure of normal skin line cable added a thick wire alignment; Overall messenger skin line cable is more than a steel wire, other did not change;

this kind of fiber optic cable structure of each manufacturer is different. But in general are not metal, strengthen the core to butterfly skin line cable as an example. Cross section appearance is like a butterfly, therefore calls. On both sides of the line of leather for reinforcement, the middle place for optical fiber.

1, the butterfly fiber interior, chamber ( ) Two kinds of outside, both price difference is bigger, outdoor type price is about 2 times the price of indoor type, when doing specific design should consider the price factor, in general, outdoor still using common cable ( GYTA - G 652 d) , indoor type butterfly in the optical cable, both through fiber box or connector box transition.

2, butterfly cable has a smaller radius of curvature, light weight, against bending performance is good and easy fixation, easy termination within 86 terminal box, etc.

3, the butterfly as cable with non-metal stiffening member, metallic strength member, two forms, considering the lightning protection, prevent interference factors such as indoor should use non-metal stiffening member butterfly cable.

4, indoor type butterfly core cable core 1, 2, 3, 4 core specifications, such as residential users access the butterfly as appropriate chooses the single core cable, fiber optic cable You can take 2 - business users access to the butterfly cable - - - - - - 4 core cable design.

3, have succeeded and cold welding connection.

is through the preparation of optical cold face the wiring is installed and connected to the flange head.

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