What are the common problems in optical module in use?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-26

after some data analysis and collect user feedback, optical module common problem has the following several aspects.

1。 Compatibility issues ( This is the basic and common) * And the causes of this situation are the following several aspects:

a. Compatible with the code in the process of import mistakes;

b。 Software update equipment led to the original not upgrade compatible code doesn't work;

c。 Coding error;

2。 Product packet loss, the causes of this situation are the following several aspects:

a. Light module the function of electronic circuit and equipment do not match;

b。 The main chip and equipment do not match;

c。 Physical line fault;

  d. Equipment failure;

e。 Routing information error;

3。 Light pollution and damage, caused by the pollution and damage of optical interface optical link loss and optical link unreasonable result, the causes of this situation are the following several aspects:

a. Light module light mouth exposed to the environment, light mouth have dust and pollution;

b。 Use of optical fiber connector end face has pollution, light module light mouth secondary pollution;

c。 Pigtailed optical connector end use undeserved, end surface scratches, etc. ;

  d. Use the inferior optical fiber connector;

4。 ESD damage, static electricity can absorb dust, change between line impedance, and affect the function of the product and life, cause the possibility of ESD damage factors are:

a. Environment is dry, easy to produce ESD;

b。 Not normal operation, such as: the hot-swappable modules charged light operation; Don't do electrostatic protection direct contact with the hand light module electrostatic sensitive pin; In the process of transportation and storage without antistatic packaging;

c。 Equipment without grounding or bad;

understand the light module common problem after we'll think of some way to go to judge them, timely help us solve the problem, the following is a common method of several kinds of discriminant light module fault.

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