What are the cause of fiber optic attenuator attenuation?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-13

cause there are many kinds of fiber optic attenuator attenuation factors

a, optical fiber attenuation caused by the main factors are: intrinsic, bending, extrusion, impurities, uneven docking, etc.

2, the classification of the optical fiber loss

fiber loss can be roughly divided into fiber has the inherent loss and optical fiber is made by using the conditions after the additional loss caused by the consumption. Specific segment is as follows:

fiber loss can be divided into inherent loss and the additional loss.

the inherent loss including loss, absorption loss and scattering loss caused by optical fiber structure is imperfect.

additional losses include microbend losses, bending loss, and loss.

3, the absorption of the material loss

manufacturing optical fiber materials can absorb light energy. After particles in absorbing sunlight fiber materials to generate vibration, fever, and the energy lost, the result is to absorb losses. We know that matter is made up of atoms, molecules, and atom consists of atomic nuclei and extranuclear electron, electronic to orbit must revolve around the nucleus. It's like we live earth and Venus, Mars and other planets revolve around the sun, every electron has a certain energy, in an orbit, or each orbit has a certain level.

4, scattering loss

in the dark, shining a flashlight into the air, you can see a beam of light. People have to see the night sky search light beams.

so, why do we see the light? This is because there are a lot of smoke, dust and other particles floating in the atmosphere, light on these particles, the scattering. This phenomenon is discovered by Rayleigh first, so people put a name to this scattering 'Rayleigh scattering.

five, congenital deficiency, helpless

fiber structure is imperfect, such as there are bubbles, impurities in the optical fiber, or uneven thickness, especially the core - Cladding interface is not smooth, the light to the place, there will be a part of light scattering in all directions, causing wear and tear. This loss can be to find a way to overcome it is to improve optical fiber manufacturing process. Among them are part of the scattering light travels in the opposite direction along with the fiber-optic reflected, on the incidence of the fiber can be received this part of the scattered light.

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