Switch the light mouth docking module knowledge and matters needing attention

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-07

in network security monitoring system, often need multiple switch network, a lot of the time will use light switch port. So how switches, light mouth module docking? Today, there are some problems need to pay attention to share two switch light mouth docking module regular knowledge as well as the matters needing attention.

1。 Single fiber with single fiber, fiber with dual fiber

two light switch module should be unified for the single fiber or for the fibre, if single fiber butt double fiber, the intermediate need butt double fiber, with single and double fiber converter in the middle.

2。 Single mode and single mode and multimode and multimode

two light switch module should be unified for single-mode or multiple mode, when the double fiber single-mode and multimode fiber demand docking, add single multimode intermediate converters.

3。 Transmission wavelength

double fiber module when the wavelength to be unified, 850 nm、1310 nm、1550 nm) , when the single fiber module transceiver wavelength should be symmetrical, Such as: this module sends the wavelength of 1310 nm, receives the wavelength of 1550 nm, is required to send wavelength of 1550 nm module, receives the wavelength of 1310 nm) 。

4。 Light power and sensitivity

two switch light module sending light power and light receiving sensitivity needs in the same range.

5。 The light transmission module is the same distance.

the above five conditions are met, you can in two light module from short distance docking, but attention should be given to the optical module reached to the end of the long distance of the light receiving sensitivity is greater than the minimum point of overload.

6。 Two light switch module transmission rate should be equal, duplex module must be consistent.

light module rate correlates and duplex mode should be set to mandatory, gigabit full duplex, or the negotiation, if one end of the negotiations, the other end for mandatory MB, gigabit full-duplex, is unable to connect.

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