St/St single-mode fiber jumper wire used in which area?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-07

fiber optic jumper wire can be divided by different transmission medium common silicon-based single-mode and multimode optical fiber jumpers, and other such as such as plastic fiber optic jumper for transmission medium; By connecting head structure can be divided into: FC jump line jumper wire jumper, SC, ST, LC jumper, MTRJ jumper, MPO jumper, MU jumper, SMA jumper, FDDI jumper, E2000 jumper, DIN4 jumper, D4 jumper wire and so on various forms. More common fiber optic jumper wire can also be divided into the FC - FC、FC- SC、FC- LC, FC - ST、SC- SC、SC- ST, etc.

single-mode fiber optical fiber jumper commonly with yellow, joints and cases in blue; Transmission distance is longer than the other.

multimode optical fiber: general fiber optic jumper with orange said, also some said with gray, joints and protection to beige or black; Transmission distance is short.

ST/ST single-mode fiber jumper, fiber jumpers and coaxial cable are similar, but no mesh shielding layer. The center is the spread of the light glass core. In multimode optical fiber core diameter is 15 mu m ~ 50 microns, roughly the comparative with the thickness of a human hair. And the diameter of the single mode fiber core was 8 microns to 10 microns. Core surrounded by a layer of refractive index is lower than the core glass envelope, to make the optical fiber to keep within the core. The outside is a thin layer of plastic coat again, to protect the fiber jumper classification.

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