Some cable application background

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-03

data center expands ceaselessly, driven by the increasing bandwidth demand and the change of network architecture. 10 gbe switches are still holds a large proportion in the data center exchange equipment, at the same time 40 gbe and gradually increase the proportion of the 100 gbe switches. Due to the increasing bandwidth demand, promote the development of the server port, from 10 gbe to 25 gbe and 40 gbe extension, this change is driving the demand for exchange 100 gbe port connection.

by leaf ridge of network architecture, is not only to meet the growth of the bandwidth requirements, at the same time meet the needs of the growing network size. Under the ridge leaf network architecture, each leaf switches connected each ridge switches, so compared with the traditional three-layer architecture, greatly improve the efficiency of the communication between the different servers.

although demand information may come from different sources, such as support for its basic cloud service operation of external customers, internal business units or traditional data center, but demand is the same, that is the need to provide quick service and response. Large network must be able to quickly deploy and effective management, and put into production soon.

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