Single-mode sc tail fiber profile

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-06

what is a single-mode sc tail fiber? Single-mode sc tail fiber means for single-mode optical fiber type, type of interface for sc tail fiber.

tail fiber is also called the pig tail line, only one end connected to the head, and the other end is a piece of broken ends of optical fiber core, through welding and other optical fiber core are linked together, often appear in the optical fiber in the terminal box, used to connect optical cable and optical fiber transceiver ( Also used between coupler, jump line, etc. ) 。

tail fiber into tail multimode fiber and single mode fiber. Multimode fiber tail to orange, wavelength of 850 nm, transmission distance is 500 m, used for short distance interconnection. Single-mode fiber tail is yellow, there are two kinds of wavelength, 1310 nm and 1550 nm, transmission distance of 10 km and 40 km respectively.

usually we buy less than pure tail fiber, but buy a fiber optic jumper, a cut in the middle, and became the tail fiber. d - The link brand fiber optic jumper wire products are of good quality, is the domestic famous brands.

sc interface in the single mode sc tail fiber represents what meaning?

SC type jumper/tail fiber: SC type connector shell made of engineering plastic with rectangular structure, facilitate intensive installation; Can directly without threaded connection, plug, operating small space. Suitable for high density installation and easy to use.

if you have need single-mode sc side tail fiber, please consult the site customer service or enter the communication platform of alibaba procurement.

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