Single-mode fiber jumper with multimode fiber jumper distinction and purposes

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-05

single mode fiber with multimode fiber concept description:

single-mode fiber ( 单 mode Fiber) : general optical fiber jumper with yellow, joints and cases in blue; Transmission distance is longer than the other.

single-mode fiber core diameter small ( About 10 m m) Small, only allow a mode transmission, dispersion, work in the long wavelength ( 1310 nm and 1550 nm) Components of the coupling is relatively difficult, and light

multimode fiber ( 多 mode Fiber) Said: general optical fiber jumper with orange, also some said with gray, joints and protection to beige or black; Transmission distance is short.

multimode optical fiber core diameter ( 62. 5 m m and 50 m m) Hundreds of patterns, allowing transmission, dispersion is big, work at 850 nm and 1310 nm. Coupled with optical device is relatively easy to

the difference between a single-mode fiber and multimode optical fiber method:

1. Appearance

cable color: in general most single-mode jump line is yellow, multimode mostly orange of jump line;

cable lettering: single mode of jump line printing 'SM' or 'G652', 'G655', 'G657', '9/125', multimode jump line printing have 'MM 'or' OM3 ', '50/125', '62. 5/125 'words;

parts color: the color of the single-mode fiber jumper wire connector is usually blue or green, the color of the multimode jumper wire connector is commonly gray;

2。 End

connector plug core after magnified 400 x, single-mode jump line in the middle of the fiber core is small ( 9um) , the fiber core among the multimode fiber jumper is very large, 50 um or 62. 5um) About half the size of the buffer layer black;

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