Single-mode fiber is good or multimode fiber is good?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-16

single mode optical fiber in the fiber core is fine, make the light can be directly to the center. Recommend that when the distance is longer. The distance of single-mode fiber signal loss is smaller than the multimode optical fiber. In the first 3000 feet in the distance, the multimode optical fiber may damage the LED light signal strength by 50%, and the single mode optical fiber under the same distance only loss its six laser signal. 25%. Single-mode bandwidth potential makes it the only choice of high speed and long distance data transmission. Recent tests have shown that in a single mode fiber can be 40, 64 g Ethernet transmission channel for up to 2840 miles. Manufacture of single-mode fiber is to eliminate the pulse broadening. Because of the fiber core size is small ( 7 - 9 microns) , thus eliminated the radial jumping. In the 1310 s and 1550 nm wavelength using focusing laser source. The laser direct illuminate into tiny fiber core, and spread to the receiver, no obvious jump. If can compare multimode to hunt chuang, can put many tiny people barrel at the same time, the single mode fiber is a rifle, a single light like a bullet.

in the multimode fiber optical signals transmitted by multiple pathways; Usually applied when the proposal is a distance in miles. Is the range of multimode fiber from transmitter to receiver is about 5 miles. Available with from also affected by the type and quality of transmitting/receiving device; The stronger the light source, a receiver, the more sensitive, the farther the distance. Studies have shown that the bandwidth of the multimode fiber is approximately 4000 MB/s.

in security applications, choose to multimode or single-mode fiber is one of the most common determinant. If only son miles, preferred multimode optical fiber, because the LED emission/receiver laser is much cheaper than the single mode fiber need. If the distance is greater than 5 miles, best single-mode fiber. Another problem is to consider the bandwidth; If the future application data may involve transferring large bandwidth signal, then the single-mode fiber is the best choice.

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