Outdoor fiber optic cable can be divided into what kind of?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-02

according to optical fiber transmission mode is divided into single mode fiber and multimode fiber

single-mode fiber

this is to point to in the working wavelength, optical fiber can transmit a propagation mode, usually referred to as single mode fiber ( SMF:单ModeFiber) 。 At present, in the cable and optical communication, is the most widely used fiber.

because of the fiber core of the fiber is very fine, About 10 microns) And the refractive index is step shape distribution, angelica sinensis, a frequency V parameters & lt; 2. 4, in theory, can form a single-mode transmission. In addition, the SMF multi-mode dispersion, not only transmission band optical fiber is more wide, more plus the SMF material dispersion and the addition of a dispersion offset structure, the synthetic characteristic form zero dispersion characteristics, to broaden the transmission band.

SMF, on the basis of different dopant and there are many types of the way of manufacturing. Depressed tubulovillous adenoma cladding fiber ( DePr - es复合纤维) Twofold structure, its formation near the fiber core cladding, a land outside layer of the refractive index is lower. In addition, there is a match type of cladding fiber, the cladding refractive index distribution is uniform.

multimode fiber

according to optical fiber will work for long, with its spread model for multiple mode optical fiber may be called a multimode fiber ( MMF:多ModeFiber) 。 Fiber core diameter of 50 microns, due to the transmission mode can be up to several hundred, compared with the SMF transmission bandwidth is mainly controlled by the mode dispersion. In history had been used for short distance transmission cable and communication system. Since the emergence of SMF fiber after seems to form historical products. But in fact, because of the large MMF a SMF core diameter and combine with LED light source, such as easy, have more advantages in many LAN. So, in short distance communication in the field of MMF is still to be taken seriously.

MMF are classified according to the refractive index distribution, are: the gradient ( GI) And step ( SI) Type two kinds. GI type of refractive index was the highest at the center of the fiber core, along to the cladding slowly reduced. From the Angle of geometrical optics, march in the fiber core beam travels in sinusoidal shape. Because of the time needed for each path of roughly the same light. So the transmission capacity of the SI type.

SI MMF refractive index distribution of the optical fiber, the fiber core refractive index distribution is the same, but with cladding interface ladder shaped. Since SI type reflection of light waves in optical fiber forward process, produce various optical path of the jet lag, the injection light wave distortion, color cream. As a result, the narrow transmission bandwidth, SI type less MMF application at present.

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