Outdoor cable profile and characteristics

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-01

outdoor fiber optic cable, say simply used for outdoor cable, belongs to a kind of optical fiber cable, for the most appropriate to use in outdoor so called outdoor fiber optic cable, it is durable, can protect against the weather cold, thick, outer packing has the pressure, corrosion resistance, tensile and other mechanical properties, environmental characteristics.

water-blocking tape is applied to longitudinally wrap waterproofing fiber longitudinal guarantee two parallel wires cable tensile strength outdoor fiber optic cable tensile strength is larger, protective layer is thick, and usually the armoured ( The metal package) 。 Outdoor cable is mainly suitable for between buildings, and the interconnection between remote network.

in general, outdoor cable just filler, strengthen artifacts, choose different materials such as sheath. Such as: outdoor fiber optic cable directly buried, appropriate chooses armored cable. Overhead, with two or more optional root reinforcement of black plastic optical fiber cable outer sheath.

outdoor cable because its usage environment is outdoors, so must have waterproof function, the outer sheath generally use is made of PE material, and then its internal structure is divided into general center pipe structure and layer ground structure.

look from the naked eye, indoor outer sheath is usually yellow or orange PVC material, outside is black PE sheath, outdoor generally have difference from the model GY.

outdoor cable: outer packing thick, with some, such as pressure, corrosion resistance, tensile mechanical properties, environmental characteristics.

indoor cable: mainly used in indoor, main characteristics should have the characteristics of flexible, can be used in a narrow place such as the corner, next to have fire flame retardant, such as tensile, soft external characteristics.

outdoor cable is to complete a communications lines of optical signal transmission. Consists of a certain number of optical fiber in accordance with a certain way cable, outsourcing has a sheath, some still coated outer sheath.

outdoor cable is mainly composed of optical fiber ( Such as hair fiber glass) And the maintenance of plastic casing and plastic skin, cable is no gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals.

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