Optical fiber welding machine cleaning job. What should I do?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-23

a, clean microscope

welding machine with optical image processing system for observation, if micro lens is dirty, affects the normal fiber optic observation, lead to welding the effect not beautiful. Two microscope lens, reason should be cleaned regularly maintain the cleanliness of the microlens.

specific process is as follows:

( 1) The closed welding electrical source, open the wind cover.

( 2) It by a thin cotton swabs with alcohol gently wipe the microscope lens.

( 3) Then wipe with a clean dry cotton legacy of alcohol, microscope lens, confirm its clean without stolen goods.

( 4) Open the power supply, observe the display image on the presence of dust, if there is dirt, should be clean microscope anew.

note: clean not met when the electrodes, do not touch the lens with hard objects.

2, clean V groove

if there are pollutants inside V groove can be the optic fiber image deviates from the normal position, cause not normal alignment, cause loss of welding is larger.

so at ordinary times should regularly check and clean the V groove, the specific process is as follows:

( 1) Open windproof cap welding machine.

( 2) With distribution of the pollutants on the clean duster V groove.

( 3) It by a thin cotton swabs with alcohol cleaning the bottom of the V groove.

note: don't touch the electrode tip. Don't overexert when cleaning, do not use hard objects ( Such as blade) Clean the V groove, in order to avoid damage to the V groove, cannot be used properly.

three, cleaning electrode rod

electrode surface for long time use attach to impurities, affect the discharge effect, so the need for regular cleaning electrode.

specific operation is as follows:

( 1) Long press power key to turn it off, the power indicator light.

( 2) It by a thin cotton swabs with alcohol gently wipe the tip of the electrode.

( 3) Press power key to open welding machine, the power indicator.

( 4) In the 【 Equipment maintenance. Select' Clean the electrode 】 。

( 5) Press the start key, welding machines, automatic discharge, 5 times the impurity on the surface of the electrode with large discharge current gasification, to achieve the effect of stable discharge current, cleaning electrode.

note: in the process of cleaning electrode, don't touch the tip of the electrode with good thing, to avoid damage to the electrode, the impact of welding effect

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