Optical fiber transmission need to have what characteristics?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-28

what does it take to be the general optical fiber transmission characteristics? The first:

with wider frequency band. Optical fiber bandwidth has reached 1. More than 0 GHZ, far higher than the coaxial cable of the bandwidth, can also transmit multi-channel video information. The second:

attenuation is small. Optical fiber transmission attenuation a lot smaller than coaxial cable. Cost is also much higher than the coaxial cable. The third:

strong anti-interference. Coaxial cable is also have a certain anti-interference, but fiber performance is better. Not like the traditional coaxial cable and communication cable because of the short circuit, loose contact or cable aging phenomenon such as

and cause sparks or static electricity, so it is suitable for long distance information transmission and high security required.

4: high transmission confidentiality. Optical fiber transmission confidentiality is one of the safe medium of communication.

more pay attention to communication.

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