Optical fiber transmission, cold and weld profile

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-29

fibre is a tool for signal transmission is extremely convenient, cable one slim light works, could replace more than thousands of physical lines of communication, do large and long distance communication.

fiber optic transmission, i. e. , according to the optical fiber as a medium for data and signal transmission. Optical fiber transmission, generally use optical fiber cable of single fiber optic data transmission rate can reach several Gbps, in the case of does not use Repeaters, transmission distance can be up to a few tens of kilometers.

light in optical fiber transmission loss can be created, the loss is mainly consist of optical fiber transmission loss and loss of fiber of welding joint.

8 of the advantages of optical fiber transmission is as follows:

1, high sensitivity, and is not affected by the interference of electromagnetic noise.

2, small volume, light weight, long service life, low price.

3, insulation, resistance to high pressure, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, suitable for the work of special environment.

4, geometric shape can be adjusted in accordance with the environmental requirements, the signal transmission.

5, high bandwidth, communications large amount of attenuation is small, the transmission distance.

6, small signal crosstalk, high transmission quality.

7, high confidentiality.

8, easy installation and handling raw materials.

welding and cold

cable terminal, can use two kinds of techniques: welding and cold.

cold meet

is opposed to welding, by cable machinery in place of 'cold', the whole process can be finished within 2 min. With the rapid development of FTTH fiber to the home, the demand for optical fiber cold subgroups also increased greatly.

advantage: through simple crimping tool connection.

disadvantages: the late maintenance cost is higher, the construction technology is relatively fine.

fiber melt

advantages: simple operation, maintenance cost is low.

faults: early into larger, more specialized tools.

the main factors influencing the optical fiber splicing loss

the influencing factors of optical fiber splicing loss more, generally can be divided into optical fiber intrinsic factors and extrinsic factors.

1。 Optical fiber intrinsic factors is refers to the fiber itself

( 1) Optical fiber mode field diameter is inconsistent;

( 2) Two optical fiber core diameter mismatch;

( 3) Fiber core section not round;

( 4) Poor fiber core and cladding concentricity.

2。 Extrinsic factors influencing loss of fiber connection is in place of technology

3. The influence of other factors. In personnel operating level, operation steps, pan fiber technology level, the degree of electrode in the welding machine is clean, welding parameter setting, the working environment clean degree and so on all can affect the splicing loss value.

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