Optical fiber terminal box product characteristics

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-04

fiber terminal box just as its name implies is used in the optical fiber cable with equipment terminal box, suitable for indoor optical fiber cable and differences in directly, and the optical fiber joint protection. Below simply describe the product characteristics of cable terminal box for you.

fiber terminal box with cable and wiring tail fiber protective connection. Make cable metal components and cable insulation side shell, and can easily lead to the lay over and end of the grounding cable for terminal optical storage space, convenient installation, operation with sufficient impact strength of the box body is fixed, convenient installation of different using occasions, may choose to hang a wall to install or placed directly to the tank to install a variety of ways. Fiber terminal box is widely used in audio signals, NongHua network system, data and image transmission system, CATV cable series, used for indoor optical fiber cable and branch in place of direct force, have the effect of tail fiber disc storage and protection of joint, made with cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic plastic spraying, designing reasonable structure, beautiful big can strengthen the core of the cable is fixed in the terminal.

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