Optical fiber splicing loss is too large is caused by what reason?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-24

fiber splicing loss is too big, small make up to collect the top 10 reasons:

a. Choose wrong optical fiber welding procedures; Such as mistake single-mode welding procedures selected for mould;

2. Optical fiber end cutting Angle is too large;

3. Smudgy optical system, which is a mirror, lens dirt;

4. V groove smudgy, fiber optic presser foot dirt;

5. Electrode aging, causing the discharge intensity is too weak; Electrode discharge overly strong weld can also lead to loss.

6. Excessive discharge position deviation cause loss of welding;

7. Optical fiber level position deviation;

eight. The technical parameters in the welding machine change the weld can also lead to large loss;

9. The CCD into dust can also lead to welding loss is too big;

10. Welding flange inside dish fiber is not standard, fused fiber pipe installation is unreasonable.

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