Optical fiber optical index of the divider

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-31
The communications industry standard of

according to the People's Republic of China 'the optical fiber coupler technology conditions' YD/T893 - 1997 regulations divider optical index

includes the following content

1, the additional loss

all additional loss is defined as the output port of light power sum number of DB relative to the input optical power loss. It is worth mentioning that for fiber coupler, additional loss is reflected device manufacturing process quality indicators, reflect the device of the production process inherent loss, this loss as small as possible, the evaluation index of production quality. And insertion loss is only that the output power of each output port status, not only has the inherent loss factors, considering the influence of the ratio. So different between fiber coupler, the difference of insertion loss does not reflect the device for the optimum production quality.

2, uniformity of

uniformity refers to the bypass the uniform light output the insertion loss variation

3, spectral ratio

fiber ratio is defined as a divider output ratio of each output port in the system application, the ratio is based on the actual system required amount of light power, optical node to determine appropriate spectral ratio ( The average distribution of excepted) , optical divider ratio is related to the wavelength of light transmission, such as a branch of light in a transmission 1. Light of 31 microns in two area ratio of the output spectral; 1 in the transmission. 5 microns light, compared to 70, 30 ( Appear this kind of circumstance, because the bandwidth of the optical fiber branching device has certain, namely the ratio basically remain unchanged when the transmission bandwidth of optical signal) 。 So in order must indicate the wavelength optical divider.

4, insertion loss

fiber divider insertion loss is to point to every way output relative to input light loss on the number of dB, its mathematical expression is: Ai = - 10 lg Pouti/Pin, including Ai refers to the insertion loss of the ith a output; Pouti is the ith a light power output port; Pin is at the input optical power value.

5, isolation degree

isolation refers to the one light path optical divider for optical signal isolation ability of other light path. In the above indexes, the significance of isolation to optical divider is more significant, in actual system applications often require isolation reached more than 40 db of the device, otherwise will affect the performance of the whole system. The stability of the optical fiber branching device is also an important indicator of stability refers to the temperature change in the world and the other devices working condition changes, optical divider ratio and other performance indicators should be basic remains the same, in fact the stability of the optical fiber branching device depends entirely on the manufacturer's technology level, the product of different manufacturer, quality disparity quite large. In practice, I met with a lot of inferior quality of the optical fiber is also true that way, not only the performance degradation is quick, and the damage rate is quite high, as important components in optical fiber line, when the choose and buy must pay attention, can't see light price, low level of technology of optical branching price must be low.

6, the ratio error

divider ratio and design of the actual use the ratio between error.


回波损耗又叫反射损耗它是指在光纤连接处后向反射光部分沿光纤返回向输入端传输这种连续不断向输入端传输的散射光称为后向反射光。 相对输入光的比率的分贝数回波损耗愈大愈好以减少反射光对光源和系统的影响。

8, polarization loss

polarization loss PDL is optical device or system in all the polarization state of maximum differential transmission values. It is light equipment in all the polarization state of maximum transmission and minimum transmission ratio. 或者说在振动过程中插入损耗IL的变化量



10, directional

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