Optical fiber cable industry what are the pain points?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-24

in the cable industry, a lot of people think the price is the basic 'pain points', the industry also has a lot of people say that 'quality' is the root, but the goods time also is to let a lot of clients 'headache' problem. , of course, this 3 person who left it is difficult to do, just the pursuit of quality, even if it is a good product, on the goods time can't satisfy the, customers will not choose, blindly pursue the goods time, the quality couldn't keep up with and talk, if the quality and delivery date to be able to meet, can't satisfy the price problem, not to mention. Hunan light connected cable industry has more than 10 years of experience, from the experience of analysis, we think, talk about the goods time first, talk about the price, the last is the quality.

the goods time is need to plan a lot of communication engineering, and the factors influencing the goods time, in general, is divided into several parts, the first: engineering units ( Design unit) In the initial stage of engineering, circuit design and product selection and so on, of the provisions of the engineering unit is required to this cycle can be long or short. Second: the factory, the factory products from the raw materials, to production, to the packaging, finally to shipping, every link, all about the delivery date. Third: logistics, it is at this stage, the hardest thing to take control of a point, our customers all over the country, and logistics have dealt a lot, our side frequent 'fool' logistics, we didn't suffer less on it.

the price is a lot of customers are more concerned, optical fiber cable industry after years of development, has been basically in a saturated market environment, at the present stage is oversupply situation now, so is the price, many factories are in 'passive' to control costs, in order to stay competitive in the price competition. Hunan light coupling as participants in the cable industry, we put an end to this kind of situation happened to us, we are in demand is a long-term way of development.

the quality is the foundation of our, as participants in optical fiber cable industry more than ten years, we have been adhering to the principle of quality first, from the selection of materials, to production testing, packing and shipping, as far as possible to ensure that every link to appear problem, we worry about is the customer concerned about.

overall, what we can do is to ensure that in each link, try our best to try your best, if you want to completely solve the 'pain points', hunan light to efforts and the vast number of customers friends, try again.

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