OM5 fiber optic jumper why can get wide acceptance

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-19

OM5 fiber optic jumper advantage:

a, widely recognised:

OM5 fiber optic jumper initially for TIA - released by the communications industry association 492 aaae and published in the American national standards institute ANSI/TIA - 568. 3 - Are agree D revision comment;

2, strong expansibility:

OM5 fiber optic jumper in the future can be short wavelength division multiplexing ( SWDM) And parallel transmission technology together, and only need 8 core broadband multimode fiber ( WBMMF) That can support 200/400 g Ethernet applied to the coming era of 5 g everything connected;

three, reduce costs:

OM5 fiber optic jumper wire on the single-mode fiber WDM ( WDM) Technology, extend the range of available wavelengths in the network transmission, will be able to support in 1 core multimode fiber four wavelength, reduce the need of some fiber for a quarter before, it largely reduce the cost of network wiring;

4, strong compatibility and interoperability:

OM5 fiber optic jumper with OM3 fiber optic jumper and OM4 fiber optic jumper to support traditional applications, and it with OM3 and OM4 fiber optic jumper can completely strong compatibility and interoperability.

OM5 fiber optic jumper wire application:

OM5 fiber optic jumper to very large data center gives a stronger vitality, it breaks through the traditional multimode fiber in the bottleneck of parallel transmission technology and the transmission rate is low, can not only with less multimode fiber some support more high-speed network transmission, and because it USES a low cost, short wavelength light module cost and power consumption is far lower than that of single mode fiber with long wave laser light source. Therefore, in the coming 100 g / 400 g / 1 t very large data centers will have broad prospect of application.

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