OM5 application and future development of optical fiber

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-02

OM5 fiber designed, namely, in response to the multimode wavelength division multiplexing transmission system ( WDM) Demand. Therefore, the most valuable applications, is in the field of shortwave WDM. Currently, shan bo 50 gb/s multiple wavelength light module are mostly based on multimode fiber is still in development stage, only a few light module manufacturers can provide a small amount of sample, but the experiment for internal use only. PAM4 modulation mode can be based on the existing 25 gb/s VCSEL provide single-wave 50 gb/s rate. Two wavelengths bidirectional ( BiDi) Technology and four wavelength multiplexing ( SWDM4) Technology of more than 100 gb/s respectively to streamline a fast Ethernet link the half and three-quarters of the fiber dosage.

the researchers found that, through the optical fiber core layer mixed with appropriate fluoride, can reduce the different wavelengths corresponding optimal alpha value differences, so as to make the 'ultra broadband multimode fiber' in 850 ~ 1050 nm is able to improve the whole wavelength range bandwidth. The results proved that the 'ultra broadband multimode fiber has the ability to support within 850 ~ 1050 nm window eight interval is 30 nm WDM channels.

in recent three years, all manufacturer of optical fiber and optical module makers reported OM5 and ultra broadband multimode fiber in PAM4 modulation technology and WDM technology under the blessing of the latest transfer results, such as in table 2. From the perspective of a reported the experimental results, the fiber OM5 enough to support more than 150 metres of gb / 100 gb/s, 200 s and 400 gb/s wavelength multiplexing transmission system.

in addition, the optimized design, the diameter of 50 microns core multimode optical fiber can be obtained under 1550 nm window are lower than those of less mode optical fiber mode of differential group delay ( DMGD) For more input Multi-output ( MIMO) Die division multiplexing ( MDM) System, several times to optical fiber capacity improvement, which proves that the mold division multiplexing by multimode fiber in the future potential.

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