MTP become high-performance mpo optical fiber connector

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-10

there are some functions on MTP connector, specially designed by general mpo connector provides better performance and better usability. These design function MTP is unique, and is protected by patent.

this is a list of the MTP connector advantage:

1, MTP connector shell is removable.

2, MTP connector provides wheel float, in order to improve the mechanical properties. This allows the two together with the contact in under the condition of loading force stay in touch. ( The U. S. patent 6085, 003)

3, MTP connector clasp tolerance of stainless steel elliptical guide pin tip. Oval guide needles improve the guide, reduced the guide hole wear. ( The U. S. patent 686, 988)

4。 MTP connector has a metal pin clamp, and will push the spring in the function.

5, MTP connector maximize spring design for more than 12 kinds of fiber and the application of fiber ribbon ribbon clearance, in order to prevent the damage of fiber.

6, MTP connector provides four standard strain release start, compared with the use of cable with greater flexibility.

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