MPO connector profile

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-11

MPO connector is a kind of optical fiber connector type, MPO ( 多推) Is a kind of more core optical fiber connector type, was adopted by the IEEE standard for 40 g / 100 g transmission connector type a.

MPO high-density optical fiber connection system at present is mainly used in three areas: data center of the application of high density environment, the application of optical fiber to the building, the beam splitter, 40 g, 100 g, QSFP optical transceiver equipment such as + internal connection application.

MPO connector is a kind of some more standard, usually 12 core optical fiber rows into a column, can support one or more columns fiber within the same MPO connector, the standard of IEC 61754 - 7 specification, according to the emissions of some different inside the connector is divided into a list ( 12 core) Multiple columns ( 24 core or above) 。

according to IEC 61754 - MPO connector type 7 regulations, there are several factors to distinguish: some ( Optical fiber Array Number Array Number) , the male female head ( 男- - - - - - 女性) , the polarity ( 键) , polishing type ( A PC or APC) 。

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