Market demand: optical fiber is still a popular consumer products

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-30

as fiber-optic broadband household renovation, the network infrastructure for optical fiber is more and more people. In 2017, The 19th) Dalian, Shanghai international industry fair pavilion site, the author understands from optical fiber production equipment companies, there are still strong, the market demand of the fiber or 'tight' products.

the Shanghai yu to even show their product communication technology co. , LTD is a professional engaged in optical fiber, optical cable equipment research and development and production of enterprises, research and development team of experienced, can be customized for clients and development of optical fiber &cable specialized equipment. Enterprise relevant controller introduces, 10 years ago, the domestic optical fiber with the basic production enterprises are imported equipment, and with the domestic equipment manufacturers occupy the market unceasingly, at present most of the optical fiber enterprises have localization of equipment, the enterprise market share in the domestic fiber production equipment can reach about 50%.

as broadband operators 'light into the copper retreat' - — From a predominantly 'narrow-band + copper' to 'broadband and fiber' network transformation, optical fiber in the huge market. The author learned from city via letter appoint that in 2015, zhuhai accelerate improve the information infrastructure level of the city and the city family enter a complete renovation work, fiber optical broadband network access coverage of more than 2. 3 million m households, city residential packtized construction and retrofit schedule in the domestic leading level.

so, reform in advance optical broadband door, a few years later, now have optical fiber market tends to saturation? To this, the enterprise head thinks, at present the market demand of the fiber is still strong, as also in the upstream of the equipment manufacturing enterprises enjoy the dividend market growth. On the one hand, as the network infrastructure, optical fiber household in rural areas there is still a huge transformation of the incremental space; , on the other hand, 60% of the world's fiber by made in China, the current 'neighbourhood' all the way along the line in some countries is a big demand for fiber, also have to expand the international market space. At present, the enterprise of the optical fiber production equipment is exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia, India and other regions, he also likes the development of the market.

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