Introduction to the parallel light module

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-29
Introduction of parallel light module

parallel light module is also known as parallel optical transceiver, it USES a special kind of optical communication technology, on both ends of the link signals are transmitted and received. Parallel light module to support the high speed signal transmission, different from the traditional optical transmission structure is adopted in parallel optical transmission, it is usually with less than 300 meters short multimode fiber.

parallel light module technology introduction 1. Parallel optical communication technology

parallel light module adopts parallel optical communication technology, to solve the 40/100 g optical transmission provides an efficient and cost saving plan, the following will be two aspects from the connection mode and critical detail parallel optical communication technology.

1) Connection

in parallel optical signal transmission, duplex transmission is implemented in different ways. Due to the link at the ends of the parallel light module contains multiple transmitters and receivers, so can send and receive signals through multiple channels, which makes the parallel optical communication to support a higher rate. For example, gbase - 40 SR4 rely on physical media multimode optical parallel solution, it adopted eight fiber to make four duplex channel, each channel support 10 g Ethernet transmission, A side four 10 g launchers and B 10 g receiver are connected by A cable, makes the transmission rate reached 40 GBPS.

2) Key devices

due to parallel optical communication using multiple fiber support higher rate of transmission, so it needs to multi-fiber connector is used to support higher data transfer rate, it has 12 fiber MPO connector is used for other equipment connection, the MPO connector is a key technology of support parallel optical communication. Specific connection method is as follows, Tx said emitter; Rx said receiver) :

2。 VCSEL( Vertical cavity surface emitting laser) Light

the another complementary technology of parallel light module - — VCSEL( Vertical cavity surface emitting laser) Light source, compared with the edge-emitting semiconductor laser, VCSEL light output, can be efficiently coupled to the energy inside the fiber, and VCSEL can batch production, after the test cut into separate device, thus reducing the cost of laser, the advantage is low power consumption, good beam quality, low emittance, good temperature stability, speckle noise low advantage in the array.

the application of parallel light module

1. The light of the high speed router back,

2。 InfiniBand switch;

3。 The blade;

4。 2 x fibre channel;

5。 40/100 gigabit Ethernet.

how to use parallel light module completed 40 g multimode optical fiber cabling

using the parallel light module structures, 40 g, need a pair of 40 gbe parallel light module with MTP jumper wire and the trunk cable used, at the same time, also need two MTP - MTP beam type fan out backbone fiber optic jumper. Each link has two fiber optic jumper, two MYP - MTP beam type fan out backbone fiber optic jumper and a 24 core backbone cables, due to the parallel light module will only use 8 core MTP fiber optic jumper, so two MYP - MTP beam type fan out backbone fiber optic jumper wire can be used in the three links.

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