Introduction to the outdoor cable structure

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-13

the commonly used fiber optic cable, according to use environment generally divided into indoor, outdoor fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable field optical cable, submarine cable, etc. ;

today we focus on the structure of the outdoor cable:

1, gysts

gysts cable structure, is by the root 2 times more coating optical fiber loose casing or tightly around the center of reinforcement twisted into round wire, cable conductor outside again only the water-blocking tape artifacts such as armor, aluminum metal clad and so on, and then only the sheath ( GYTA/GYTS, etc. ) Or direct shipment by sheath ( Such as GYFTY) 。

gysts cable, accommodate the fiber number, 2 - can do 144 or even 288 core fiber or above. Cable machinery, good environmental performance, applicable and pipeline, directly buried or overhead. Defect is complicated structure, technology, production process, material consumption.

2, the center tube type

central tube type cable has simple structure, simple manufacturing process, the protection of optical fiber is better than other optical cable structure, resistance to lateral pressure, and therefore improve the stability of the network; Optical cable cross section is small, light weight, suitable for aerial installation. Defect is optical fiber some unfavorable and overmuch, should not be commonly more than 24 core, fiber should not be long control, finished product after the fiber optic cable pine casing will appear in the shrinkage.

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