Introduction to the MTP fiber optic jumper

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-10

the rapid development of network technology, and so did the demand for network bandwidth, data center data center is now generally tends to high speed, large capacity, high density and high speed cable connection, in order to meet this need, MTP fiber optic jumper arises at the historic moment.

what is MTP fiber optic jumper?

MTP fiber optic jumper wire is used for data center equipment between a transmission medium, by MTP connector, MTP connector is designed by us Conec companies with multiple creativity in a high-performance multi-fiber MPO connector end push type, relative to the ordinary MPO connector, its on the optical properties and mechanical properties have been very good.

what role does the MTP fiber optic jumper?

MTP fiber optic jumper wire is mainly used for the high rate of high-density connection between data center equipment, especially data center migration from 10 g to 40 g 100 g, MTP fiber optic jumper is the preferred solution. Because of the high rate of demand makes the use of traditional cable network at the same time of reducing data center space, also increased the difficulty of management, while some MTP fiber optic jumpers, small volume, high density, can provide up to 12 or 24 times of density, greatly saves space for data center costs.

what types MTP fiber optic jumper?

according to different standards, MTP fiber optic jumper wire can be divided into different kinds.

according to the application can be divided into the MTP backbone fiber optic jumper and MTP branch fiber optic jumper. MTP backbone fiber optic jumper wire connected to MTP connector, while MTP branch fiber optic jumper with standard LC/FC/SC/ST/MTRJ connector to connect ( Usually for MTP - LC) 。

how to use MTP fiber optic jumper?

different MTP fiber optic jumper its application scenario is different also, for everyone to do the two application examples below:

1, use MTP fiber optic jumper to implement 10 gbase - SRSFP + light module interconnection, so as to improve the performance of optical fiber broadband.

2, use MTP branch fiber optic jumper, 40 g - to achieve 4 x10g data transmission, in order to achieve different network connection effect.

what are the advantages MTP fiber optic jumper?

as the data center from 10 g upgrading to an important equipment in 40 g 100 g wiring, MTP fiber jump more and more popular, is being more and more people are applied, which is closely connected with it the following advantages:

1, the diameter is small, small volume, to increase wiring aperture, thus greatly improve the density of the wiring, saving the cost of space.

2, connectors, modular design is simple, easy to install, remove and adaptor adjustment, save installation time, in the center of the data on the construction of the indirect saving labor costs.

3, phyletic and various, the user can according to the requirements of the different configuration, choose the corresponding MTP fiber optic jumper wire to meet the demands of different wiring.

4, have excellent optical performance and mechanical performance, low insertion loss in the high speed network environment.

5, the use of micro cable to * to provide bending radius, and the relatively small size and volume.

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